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To NaNo, or not to Nano? That is the question!

I first got dragged into the NaNo experience by my younger daughter Rebecca back in April of 2017. I joined her for "Camp Nano" and drafted Sets on a Shoestring, which was published in July of 2019. Last year I decided to join her again for the REAL thing -- National Novel Writing Month, where you write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. For 22 days I sat across the dining room table from her, each of us lost in our own work. By the end of the month we had both been victorious, and I've been revising my first novel ever since.

This summer I went on a mini writing retreat with two friends and got my third draft done, and am now waiting for input from beta readers before a final round of revisions before heading to an editor. My goal is to get it out into the world by spring of 2020. With that kind of deadline, it's tough to consider starting another novel next month -- even if my muse has given me a few ideas.

On top of that, we're moving sometime in the next few months. While we've been packing to help prepare ahead of time, I know there will be less time for writing as the move gets closer. How does this affect my decision about National Novel Writing Month? I won't be striving for the winner's certificate with a new novel. Instead, I'll choose to be a "Nano Rebel"--one who chooses to break the traditional rules while still being a part of the NaNo family. I'll work on revisions and try to get my novel ready for the editing stage.

Sometimes rules are made to be broken and goals are made to be adjusted!

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