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COMING SOON!!   Just in time for your your summer beach reading!!  A new series about love & friendship                                                             among older women, taking place in the town of Gloucester, MA.   

                                                Release date - summer of 2022!

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A Place to Belong -- Book 4 of the Caldwell series.                                         

We all need a place to belong. Finding it isn’t always easy.


We return to Caldwell for the fourth and final book of the series as Teagan O’Sullivan and Cassie Durand attend student orientation at Brentwood College.  Along with good friend Brian Morris, they have chosen to remain at home and work part-time while taking classes locally.

The Caldwell Community Center officially opens with summer camps and a wedding celebration for the Richmond sisters.  Maggie Richmond and Tim Collins, along with Lucy Richmond and Liz Wilson, share a special wedding day with family and friends.

Teagan, who is a confident fat teen, is excited to find an active PRIDE group on campus when classes begin, and she meets others who identify as asexual and aromantic. After attending an open-mic poetry night, she shares a poem with her residents at Caldwell Manor, only to learn of a special resident’s lost heirloom that she’s determined to help find.

With the help of her friends, Teagan’s search reveals promise until unexpected events at both work and home turn her world upside down. Thrust into a web of limbo and unknowns, Teagan must rely on her inner strength as she desperately searches not only for the missing item, but for the right path leading to a place to finally belong.


A Family to Cherish-- Book 3 of the Caldwell series.                                         
Some of the toughest battles are within.

Recovery is hard—especially when the eating disorder never shuts up. High school senior Cassie Durand is dealing with school, work, and pressure from her dad about college.

To make things worse, there are no guarantees that either dance or theater—her two favorite activities--can be a part of her life again.

Maggie Richmond, her recovery coach, is struggling with major self-doubt as her romance with Tim Collins heats up.

Will these two friends find the strength and support they need to face their challenges—even when some of their biggest battles lie within?


Ebook cover A Heart to Heal.jpg
A Heart to Heal -- Book 2 of the Caldwell series.

Some hurts run deep.

Maggie Richmond loves having her hands in the dirt, finding solace in the community garden plots each morning. She’s come a long way in her recovery from anorexia and enjoys providing support to those who still struggle.  At 23, she has a rewarding job, a caring family, good friends, and even a budding romance.

Her grumpy old neighbor, Carl Pritchard, has come to accept the garden being next door as long as no one touches his prized rosebushes.  When someone from his past returns to town and threatens those roses, Maggie discovers a family feud that goes way back.  Can she find a way to bring healing to Carl’s heart without destroying her own recovery in the process?

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A Promise to Keep

Some promises are hard to keep.

​Seventeen year old ace/aro Teagan has spent three years trying to heal from the loss of her best friend Joanne who died in 8th grade because of complications from anorexia. Teagan has learned to survive with the help of her good friend Brian and the elderly residents at Caldwell Manor where she works as an activity aide. However, there is one obstacle

that she has yet to overcome: she had made a promise to her best friend that she would keep on acting and make a new friend, but she can't stand the new girl in town who's competing for her role!




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Sets on a Shoestring

How to Build Sets and Props on a limited budget.

No lumber?  No power tools? No problem!

Designed for those in theater or education who have limited budgets, this DIY resource gives complete directions for building sets and props using cardboard and duct tape.  This 100 page book contains step by step instructions with diagrams and photos.  Directors, teachers, homeschoolers, camp counselors and more will find this handbook to be a versatile resource!   

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