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Three weeks until release date!

I thought I'd introduce three of the main characters for this book. You've all met Cassie in book 1, and you'll journey with her as she begins her recovery from anorexia. A huge support person in her life is Maggie Richmond, who you met as a minor character in book 1. She works at Caldwell Manor with Teagan and is the one who shares her own struggles with anorexia to convince Cassie to seek treatment. You'll see her own recovery issues in this book as she learns to deal with new challenges in life.

Maggie's neighbor is Carl Pritchard, who was introduced in book 1 as the "old curmudgeon" around town. This time he's front and center in the story. Just as Teagan and Ida became such great friends in book 1, you'll see the multi-generational friendship between Maggie and Carl in this story.

For those of you who were hoping to see more of Teagan, Brian, and Ida -- don't worry. They're all still here and well, and each wanders in and out of the main story lines.

Thanks to my readers who keep supporting me -- you're the reason I keep writing!

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