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Sets on a Shoestring coming soon!

Two years after finishing a shoddy first draft during Camp NaNoWriMo, my first book is getting SO close to publication! For those that are new, this book was written after retiring from a 15+ year career of directing various children's theater productions and classes. Designed for those in theater or education who have limited budgets, this DIY resource gives complete directions for building sets and props using cardboard and duct tape.  This 100 page book contains step by step instructions with diagrams and photos.  Directors, teachers, homeschoolers, camp counselors and more will find this handbook to be a versatile resource! 

Folks who have known about my project are asking for details, and I thought I'd share where I am in the process. I just finished my interior layouts, but may still "tweak" them a bit when I get my last beta reader's comments back. I have my cover designer hired; he's just waiting for the files once I'm ready.

My next step involves getting my ISBN numbers, and currently I'm working on keywords and sub-categories on my publishing platforms to maximum my book's visibility once it's released. This weekend my husband and I were talking and think it's wise to take one step backwards at this point and form an LLC; that way we'll have a little imprint publishing name for our family. Beyond that, we're ready to roll!

Right now July 1st is the tentative release date -- I'll have a blog announcement with all the links on that date, but if you want to be SURE not to miss the release, then sign up for my mailing list on my home page!

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