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It really IS like childbirth...

Today I received my first copy of my debut book, "Sets on a Shoestring" in the mail, and I had my family there to share the moment as one of my daughters filmed it to share online. Even though I'd seen the cover design and final interior layout, just having the book in my hand for the first time was an almost surreal experience.

There were a couple of months this spring when I had grown so tired of this book; I HATED final revisions and edits and just wanted to be DONE with the book so I could get back to my current novel. However, like childbirth, those moments all disappear when you hold your "baby" for the first time. I am feeling proud, grateful, and excited to share this with the world.

And nervous. I'm a writer, so that's "normal" from what I've been told. I have a pretty thick skin, so I don't think a bad review or negative comment will phase me much, but I'll spend some time wondering whether it's really been a helpful resource.

For now, I'm just going to enjoy the moment. I'm going to continue to be amazed at the incredible cover design (by the talented Noel Sellon on Upwork!). It's another couple of weeks before my book is available to order, so for now it's just the quiet satisfaction of knowing that you're never too old and it's never too late to pursue and achieve your dreams.

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