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A Caldwell Update

Thanks to the readers who have given such wonderful feedback for book one. I'm glad that you've all enjoyed your time in Caldwell! I'm currently working on revisions for book two, and it should be out in time for Christmas this year. I'm also working on notes and planning for book three, which I plan to draft during National Novel Writing Month in November.

As I've been writing, I've loved my time in the fictional town of Caldwell; it reminds me of my childhood town of Concord, MA, and I've used bits and pieces of Concord to help build this wonderful place to live. I decided to offer a map showing some of the key places and homes; I hope that it helps you picture the town as the residents travel around.

Those who read book one loved Teagan, Brian, Cassie, and Ida, and all of them will be back for book two. The main characters in the new story are Maggie Richmond (the social worker who was instrumental in Cassie's decision to get help for her eating disorder) and Carl Pritchard, the "old curmudgeon" that was seen out and about in book one. I hope you'll enjoy their friendship as much as you liked Teagan and Ida together.

While book two also included Cassie's inpatient stay for her anorexia, book three will focus more on her recovery back at home as she, Teagan, and Brian journey through their senior year! As for book four, I think I'll keep the series finale under wraps for a little while longer. Thanks again for your support, and I hope that you enjoy your visits to Caldwell as much as I do!

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