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I finally unpacked my muse!

Sometime back in December, I accidentally threw my muse in a box and taped it up. Granted, we were in the midst of moving chaos, but I should have at least labeled the box! We started packing last summer, thinking we'd move in the fall. However, as delays presented themselves we got lazy with our regimen, and all of a sudden we found a house we loved, closed on said house, and moved in -- all within four weeks! In those last few weeks my organized packing routine was replaced by throwing things into boxes blindly.

The move itself went smoothly, but my writing inspiration was minimal at best. I finally found her again, huddled at the bottom of a box under some old sweaters and dictionaries. For a few days she wouldn't speak to me in protest, but we've finally been communicating again, and I'm excited to be having the ideas fly around again! The final round of revisions is well under way, and I'm excited to see the comments from beta readers shape some major plot and character edits.

A Promise to Keep should be out by early April of this year. I look forward to having all of you meet my main character Teagan!

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