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A Place to Belong - Book 4 of Caldwell Series!

We all need a place to belong. Finding it isn’t always easy.

We return to Caldwell for the fourth and final book of the series as Teagan O’Sullivan and Cassie Durand attend student orientation at Brentwood College. Along with good friend Brian Morris, they have chosen to remain at home and work part-time while taking classes locally.

The Caldwell Community Center officially opens with summer camps and a wedding celebration for the Richmond sisters. Maggie Richmond and Tim Collins, along with Lucy Richmond and Liz Wilson, share a special wedding day with family and friends.

Teagan, who is a confident fat teen, is excited to find an active PRIDE group on campus when classes begin, and she meets others who identify as asexual and aromantic. After attending an open-mic poetry night, she shares a poem with her residents at Caldwell Manor, only to learn of a special resident’s lost heirloom that she’s determined to help find.

With the help of her friends, Teagan’s search reveals promise until unexpected events at both work and home turn her world upside down. Thrust into a web of limbo and unknowns, Teagan must rely on her inner strength as she desperately searches not only for the missing item, but for the right path leading to a place to finally belong.

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