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 I'm Laurel Wenson, author, teacher, and speaker.

Are you ready for a great summer beach read?  Join me in Gloucester, MA for book 1 of my new Harbor Cove series!!

Release date:  July 1, 2022

The Harbor Cover Brunch Club


Six women. Friends for Life.

They’ve grown up on the fishing piers of Harbor Cove, and have celebrated life’s ups and downs on Pavilion Beach.

Through the challenges of raising children, losing husbands, caring for ailing parents, and dealing with aging bodies, this group of friends have learned a valuable truth: Some of life’s deepest friendships are maintained over brunch.  Hope you'll become a member of the Harbor Cove Brunch Club!!




Unexpected Tales from A to Z by Robert Wenson

Some things you just can't expect. Among them you will find:

Bartholomew and the Banana Blizzard. The denizens of Burensburg are threatened by the activity of a thoughtless gold-mining operation, until Bartholomew fins a solution.

Esme and the Eloquent Eggplant. Esme likes to talk to plants. One of them starts to talk back -- but there's more here than meets the ear!

Miranda and the mesmeric Maestro. The War of 1812 is raging and President Madison is quacking like a duck. Miranda finds that a knowledge of Homer is useful.

The heroes and heroines of these stories are ordinary boys and girls confronted with problems, from an Argumentative Alligator to a Zany Zoo, that call forth cleverness, ingenuity, and courage.

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