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I'm Laurel Wenson, author, teacher, and speaker.  I write stories about love and friendship that span generations.  I love small town life, and I promise "happy ever after" stories to touch your heart.



UPCOMING EVENT: #RomanceCon 2023 Mother's Day Edition!

                                        Barnes & Noble, Southmont Way, Easton

                                        Saturday, May 6 from 11-4


 Come on out for the perfect Mother's Day gift at Barnes & Noble; I'll be there with five other talented authors for book signings, panel discussions on traditional publishing / audio books, critique partners, and self-publishing, along with a raffle and lots of swag! For full details of the event, click here - #RomanceCon 2023


I'll be on the self-publishing panel at 2PM, so bring along your questions about indie publishing. I'll also copies of The Harbor Cove Brunch Club (book one) to sign -- it would make a perfect gift for any mom or single woman who depends on her friends to help her through the ups and downs of life, so make sure she has one for her beach bag this summer!  Plenty of books, raffle, and little giveaways throughout the day!




NEW RELEASE!!   Writing Across America - an anthology by the 

                        writers of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group.

I'm proud to have a short story and a poem included in this wonderful collection; each entry includes a key place in America as part of its story, and you'll laugh, cry, smile, and maybe remember places you've actually been as you read.  My poem "Postcards from the Mother Road" is about Historic Route 66, and my short story "Words Matter" takes place in my childhood home of Concord, MA.  Available now on Amazon, or you can contact me if you'd like an autographed copy.



My readers have been asking about book two of the Harbor Cove series, and I appreciate your patience! The past ten months of caregiving proved a challenge to a consistent writing schedule, but I'm getting closer to the end! I've been editing and revising earlier chapters through my critique groups as I go, and I'm truly hoping to have it out by late fall of 2023 -- just in time for Christmas!



Unexpected Tales from A to Z by Robert Wenson

Some things you just can't expect. Among them you will find:

Bartholomew and the Banana Blizzard. The denizens of Burensburg are threatened by the activity of a thoughtless gold-mining operation, until Bartholomew fins a solution.

Esme and the Eloquent Eggplant. Esme likes to talk to plants. One of them starts to talk back -- but there's more here than meets the ear!

Miranda and the mesmeric Maestro. The War of 1812 is raging and President Madison is quacking like a duck. Miranda finds that a knowledge of Homer is useful.

The heroes and heroines of these stories are ordinary boys and girls confronted with problems, from an Argumentative Alligator to a Zany Zoo, that call forth cleverness, ingenuity, and courage.   Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

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